20 Tips on Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

20 Tips on Healthy Holiday Eating Tips share via Whatsapp

1.Plan ahead (of course, that's why you are reading this). 

2.Learn about food substitutions. Eating healthily doesn't mean you have to miss out - just make smart replacements. 

3.No people pleasing. Eat only what you want, not as an obligation to others for cooking your favourite dish. You are the one who will have to live with your decision. Others may actually respect you more for standing up for yourself. 

4.Practise assertiveness skills so you can refuse foods or activities without feeling guilty or hurting others' feelings. 

5.Choose to eat healthily ahead of time. 

6.No skipping meals prior to a dinner out or the holiday feast. Being overly hungry can result in loss of control and a binge at meal time. 

7.Smaller portions. Allow yourself to taste what you want in smaller portions so you don't feel deprived. Healthy eating is not punishment so don't set yourself up for a binge by depriving yourself of your favourites. You'll only resent it. 

8.Visualise yourself eating healthily prior to going to your party or dinner. 

9.Be conscious of what you are doing and eating. 

10.No picking before or after the meal. Eat only at the dinner table. 

11.Chew slowly and enjoy your food. Put your fork down between each bite. 

12.Exercise a little longer and a little harder during the holiday season. This will burn off the extra calories, keep your metabolism revved and help you beat stress. 

13.No guilt. Make a conscious effort to choose what you are eating without the guilt attached. 

14.Stop eating when you are physically full. Start learning now to recognise the difference between physical and emotional hunger. 

15.Manage your emotions. Have a plan for what you will do in the event strong emotions arise when faced with certain situations or family members. Don't follow a row with a trip to the biscuit tin. 

16.Reduce stress. Practise relaxation activities (deep breathing, meditation, yoga, neck rolling, etc) prior to going to the family dinner. 

17.Take time out when you feel things are getting out of control for you emotionally. 

18.Take control of your thoughts, feelings and actions before, during and after the holiday. 

19.Know that putting on a couple of pounds will NOT cause you to go back to square one. It's okay! 

20.Resume your lifestyle of balance and wellness just after the holiday has passed.

20 Tips on Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

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