` How to Deal with Under Eye Circles

How to Deal with Under Eye Circles

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1. Begin a skincare regimen that works for you – an under eye cream is essential! Try our new favourite, Sleeping Beauty, by Boho Bazar which contains pure shea butter and rosehip oil (available here: www.bohobazar.com). Alternatively many large brands like Clinique make great eye-gels and creams. Pick one that you like and do it every day. This helps freeze time and keeps your under eyes hydrated at all times.

2. Correct before you conceal! Going back to school days when we learnt about the colour wheel – every colour has an opposite! Think about your face as just another canvas – you need to neutralize the blue under your eyes by using the opposite – orange! Many brands make incredible correctors today with wonderful formulas – like Overdose’s Orange Creamsicle (available here: www.overdosemakeup.com). If you choose to use a lipstick use one that is creamy and shine free, and make sure to top with a concealer in your shade.

3. Know Your Shade! It is estimated that as much as 80% wear the wrong shade of foundation. Our skin goes through 2-3 different shades each year depending on the season so it’s no wonder that so many women get it wrong! First – make sure to always swatch your shade not on your wrist but on your palm – this is a much better indication of the base-shade of your face. Each face has depth and dimension so starting with your base-shade, you’ll need one shade darker and one shade lighter. Desi women generally have warm complexions so go for an orange tone foundation. The lightest tone then sits under your eyes (on top of your corrector) while the darker one goes on the shadows like the bridge of your nose and your jaw line. Your concealer shade should be put in a downward right-angle shape to give you an instantaneous eye lift. Use a beauty blender to make sure there aren’t any harsh lines and top with a loose setting powder, and there you have it

How to Deal with Under Eye Circles

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